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Guangdong Qihua Industrial Equipment Co., LTD was founded in early 2011 in Dongguan Houjie town, specializes in R&D, manufacturing and selling acid and alkali resistant, idling magnetic pump and related auxiliary equipment. Our products are widely used in electroplating, hardware, circuit boards, medical treatment, solar energy, semiconductor, coating industry, for chemical liquid medicine circulation, filtering, transmission; it can also be used in exhaust gas and wastewater drainage.



  • 2018-11-28
    When the liquid filter is twitched into the equipment by the feed pump, the first part that flows in is the filter chamber, and the filter chamber is formed by splicing the filter plates one by one, so cleaning the filter chamber is equivalent to cleaning...
  • 2018-11-28
    1. Chemical liquid circulation filtration process, electroplating, electroless plating, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, environmental protection, PCB industry, leather, dyeing and finishing wastewater treatment. ...
  • 2018-11-28
    The accurate device liquid filter is the basis for the function of the commodity and the prevention of the disease. Therefore, it is sufficient to understand the matter of the liquid filter device to prevent the occurrence of the disease, and then improve...
  • 2018-11-28
    Magnetic drive pump use precautions In the normal use of the magnetic pump, as long as the correct operation according to the instructions of the operating procedures, the magnetic pump can achieve long-life, long-cycle operation. Due to the limitation...


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